Many of us are used to just reaching for the shelf or medicine cabinet when we need to wash, to shave, to brush our teeth… but for people who are homeless, these simple amenities can be hard to come by.

People who are homeless really appreciate thoughtful gifts that help them to stay clean and healthy and to live with dignity.

Your school, company, church, club or family can help by organizing a toiletries drive. Simply have each participant supply at least one kit made up from the items listed below. Many stores sell pre-packaged Travel Kits which are ideal for this drive. Or, you can assemble a kit yourself by buying the items separately and placing them in a sturdy, self-sealing, transparent plastic bag. (“Ziplock” type bags are best.)

If it’s easier, you can also collect the individual items and send them to us, and we will assemble the kits ourselves or distribute the items as needed.

Things not to include:
 Please do not include any used, opened or partially used items. New items only.

Items collected in your toiletries drive should be securely enclosed in their bags and can be dropped off at our office (if you’re in the New York City area) or shipped to us at:

1991A Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10035

If you are planning to conduct a toiletries drive, we encourage you to let us know by filling out the simple form below, so we can expect your gift and be ready to give you any advice or assistance we can. (Submitting this form does not subject you to any obligation or enter you into any kind of contract, and all your information will be kept strictly confidential.)