LEFSA is collecting granola, protein, and energy bars to distribute among people who are homeless in shelters or on the streets.

Your church, school, business, club, family, or group of friends can help make this project a success by asking everyone to contribute what they can, and then sending or bringing the collected items to LEFSA.

These bars, which are available in almost any grocery, convenience or drug store, are a good way to help preserve strength and health for those who don’t have access to regular meals.  They are nutritious and can be easily carried and eaten at any time.

The bars we distribute need to have some nutritional value, as indicated on the packaging… no candy bars, please.  The bars should be secure in their original, unbroken wrappers and recently purchased. We can accept individual bars or boxes or cases.

The granola/protein/energy bars you collect can be dropped off at our office (if you’re in the New York City area) or shipped to us at:

1991A Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10035

If you are planning to conduct a drive, we encourage you to let us know by filling out the simple form below, so we can expect your gift and be ready to give you any advice or assistance we can. (Submitting this form does not subject you to any obligation or enter you into any kind of contract, and all your information will be kept strictly confidential.)