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Thank you for your commitment to changing lives! When you donate, you help bring the care, compassion, and hope LEFSA participants need to recover from extreme poverty. Your generosity and kindness prove that those in need are not abandoned or forgotten and that there is hope for a better life.

Your support is a vital part of our ministry. Thank you for partnering with us as we work to reduce homelessness, extend God’s reign, and care for His children in need!

Learn more about our monthly donor program, Life and Faith Partnership, which allows you to make a regular recurring gift in support of our ministry.

Monthly Giving Program

Life & Faith Partnership is LEFSA’s monthly giving program, which allows you to make a regular recurring gift in support of our ministries and activities. This is truly a lifeline for us and the people we help—as you know, having a regular and reliable source of income allows for much more freedom in managing the present and planning for the future!

With the stability that these recurring gifts provide, we can continue and expand our efforts in many areas:

  • Gatherings and retreats
  • Food and clothing distribution
  • Supplies and rental fees
  • Outreach in shelters and on the streets
  • Helping people find permanent housing
  • Special events and programs

Help us show the people we serve that “homeless” is only a condition and not a definition, that they are loved, and that someone cares. This is what puts people on the road to breaking the vicious cycle and taking their lives back.

To join Life & Faith Partnership, please check the box marked “Make this a recurring gift” when you fill in the donation form to the left.

This amount will be automatically charged once per month to the credit card listed. If you need to cancel this recurring gift, change the amount or the method of payment, or if you have any questions, please contact LEFSA by any of the means listed on our Contact page.

Here’s what your monthly giving can provide:

  • $5 per month—Can provide a pair of socks or a toiletry kit
  • $12 per month—Can pay for snacks & supplies for a LEFSA gathering
  • $25 per month—Can provide a round trip metro card for 4 people to come to LEFSA gatherings
  • $50 per month—Can provide snacks & supplies for 4 gatherings in a shelter or an overnight retreat
  • $75 per month—Can provide a warm, nutritional meal for 7 people