Food for the soul

In the beginning, being homeless was depressing. I was angry, ashamed, and upset for being in that predicament. I had no relationship with God. One day, I came in early from work and went to the Rec Room and walked in on a Life Sharing Community Gathering. The gathering was on love, and it got me thinking about God’s love for me. I decided I would let these gatherings be my connection back to God. Whenever I was going through anything, I kept coming back, and each time there was food for my soul. My spirit would be lifted, and I would be able to continue through that situation.

After about six to seven months of participating in LEFSA gatherings, I learned to keep the focus on God and putting my life together.

I am now living in my own apartment, I have custody of my grandson, I am a deacon in my church, and I am privileged to be with people in the shelters as a LEFSA team member.

Getting housing was a long, hard road for me. Besides the unavailability of sufficient low-income housing, the systems in our society presented many roadblocks along the way. I learned a lot about the housing systems and I am now sharing the fruits and learnings from my struggles in this area with people searching for apartments and a place to live. I am LEFSA’s Housing Advocate.