Support, encouragement and care

Several years ago, I arrived at Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates, homeless and pregnant.  Sr. Dorothy befriended me during that time when my life seemed to be falling apart.  She encouraged me to get medical care and pregnancy counseling.I began participating in the Life and Faith Sharing Community gatherings in the shelter and met other women who were struggling.  We grew together in the knowledge that God is walking with us and loving us no matter what our situation is.  We addressed goals for futures that did not include being homeless.  Gradually, my confidence and hope in a better life were restored.  It was a happy day when I moved into my own apartment, which LEFSA helped me find and furnish with basics.

As a new mother, I needed help adjusting to all the new responsibilities in my life.  I continued my connection with LEFSA and went to the monthly Women’s Group meetings and leadership study days.  My daughter came with me and became a part of the LEFSA family.  When life became too overwhelming, I always got the encouragement to press on.

I was able to raise my daughter, who is now in a Catholic high school.  When she needed to talk with someone other than me about her troubles, she called Sr. Dorothy (now deceased) and shared what was in her heart.  She got some counseling and assurance of her own goodness.

Today, I thank God that I am gainfully employed.  I am grateful to LEFSA, which is always there with support, encouragement, and care.  LEFSA helped turn my life around.