Drawn to the positivity

I’d been at Franklin Women’s Shelter and was feeling depressed and down. I was sitting in the corner and didn’t have a sense of direction or know which way to go. I had been working in home care, and my last client was a live-in situation, but after that client passed I couldn’t stay there and had to stay in a shelter. I didn’t know what to expect. All that I knew was very negative.

The day after I got there, right after breakfast, I was just sitting and waiting for my intake appointment. I didn’t know the area, and I was scared. I was waiting for my number to be called for intake and heard people praising God in the next room. You know how you always hear church music… sometimes you pay no mind, but this time I felt in my spirit that it was real and that it was something I could identify with. And that’s where I met Debbie Canty, Debbie Byrd, JB, and Joe. When I saw them there just praising God, that was when I knew it was for real. I felt that I was in the right place. It was like my old skin fell off me, I became alive, and I felt so good after that. I enjoyed it.

Debbie told me they were there every Thursday, and being there with them, I started feeling good about myself. They brought some food with them. Easter had just passed, so they had donuts, candy, juice—it was nice. I stayed and got the Daily Word, and I felt good for the rest of the week. It gave me determination and a sense of direction. I stopped feeling like I was just dumped there and left alone. Nobody knew my situation, but after joining the groups I felt good.

The next week I was moved from Franklin, and I was disappointed. They sent me to Lenox Hill, and again I was depressed and very down. When Thursday came, I debated whether I should go back to Franklin for the group again. But then Diane and Jimmie came in, and I realized that LEFSA is also at Lenox Hill! And I just flourished from then on. Getting involved in LEFSA was meaningful, purposeful. I got to go on the retreat back in April 2016. It was like, wow, that was real soul-searching, getting all that stuff out of me, and learning. I felt good about myself. My real smile came back.

When I first went to the Women’s Group I was so drawn to the positivity and seeing that they are people like me. I didn’t have to be ashamed, just hearing people’s stories. Many people won’t understand, and a lot of things can be hidden or covered up, but through LEFSA you can uncover that. I have no regrets about how my life turned out and why I had to go to Lenox Hill. I had to talk about what was happening, how I was feeling, things that I was covering up.

LEFSA has all of the components—Women’s Group, Leadership Study Day—so you can intermingle with people who have been through the same things. And that’s how I got involved in the EOP (Education Outreach) program. That put the icing on the cake, that really had me digging. That was good, coming back and learning about my peers, forming that bond.

Debbie told me that JB (James Butler) helps people with housing, and I made an appointment. He told me what to bring in—my documents and a list of information I would need. I would come in once a month and fill out all of the applications he had before the deadline. As you do the applications, he checks them to make sure they are filled out correctly. He makes copies of everything to go with your packet and gives you envelopes, stamps, etc. That’s why LEFSA gets people into housing placements. What else can they ask for? You keep your appointments and do your paperwork. JB is very attentive.

I did that for a couple of months, and in January 2018 they told me that I had been selected. I told JB I was feeling a little down, because when I applied I was in a shelter, and I left and got a room and knew I no longer qualified for SEPS (housing subsidy voucher). He really encouraged me to go for my interview anyway. I got it despite the obstacles because if they call you for the interview you basically get the apartment. I told them that my SEPS expired, and they told me to renew it because they pulled my application out based on SEPS. Then they gave me a letter to ask for a renewal. It was phenomenal. I moved in February 2018.

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Johnnie - A beautiful and warm feeling
I was in a shelter at Ward Island and one week I was told about a gathering, where they give us food and talk to us. At the time, my mom had cervical cancer. She was my partner and confidant. When I met James, he touched me, because before saying hi to him I said, “my mom is dying.” The way he grabbed me, it was a beautiful and warm feeling. I started coming to groups ...
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Brittany - Inspirational and life changing
Thank you to all of the members of LEFSA for welcoming us into your phenomenal community. Each and every one of you are inspiring, and what you do is extraordinary. In the short time we were there, we were able to learn so much, and it truly opened my eyes that I need to spend more time involved in the community.

LEFSA is a place everyone should experience ...
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Brittany Robert

Joan - Testimony to Ministry
I arrived at Lenox Hill Shelter for Women in the month of July 2008, feeling sickly and weak. Sorrow had taken the place of joy, because of my dire circumstances. At least one year and a half earlier I underwent a yearlong treatment for chemotherapy, then came the death of my beloved mother, followed by homelessness. Homeless was a word I’d never experienced ...
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Joan B.

Janet - Support, encouragement and care
Several years ago, I arrived at Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates, homeless and pregnant. Sr. Dorothy befriended me during that time when my life seemed to be falling apart. She encouraged me to get medical care and pregnancy counseling.

I began participating in the Life and Faith Sharing Community gatherings in the shelter and met other women who were struggling...
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John Wesley - Little Miracles
When asked to write about Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates (LEFSA) I came up with a title for the essay. I call it “Little Miracles.” Read on, hopefully you’ll agree.

A couple of weeks after I moved out of the shelter and into my apartment, I was confined to a wheelchair. One night while coming home, a lady smiled at me and said: “you need LEFSA.” Somehow she knew ...
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John Wesley Mitchell

Mario - Finding Faith Again
Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Mario and I’m a 54 year old Dominican raised in West Harlem. I met LEFSA while living in the Boulevard Men’s Shelter on Lexington Avenue. Let me say it’s a very dark place, where you’re living in constant fear that you might be the next victim. As for myself, I thought I was caught up in a nightmare ...
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Mario Pimentel

Althea - Reconnected Through LEFSA
I became affiliated with LEFSA in 2011 when I was living in Lenox Hill Women’s Shelter on Park Avenue.

I always believed in God and that all people are children of God. Every week I looked forward to LEFSA coming to the shelter. It was my dose of reality ...
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Althea Craig-Morelli

Grace - God had something for me
The retreat was beautiful and overwhelming. The people that I met, the staff, the team, the ladies and the men and Martindale—everyone touched my heart deeply. I was invited by Georgia and Pamela, and Sr. Mary. You know you’re not going to come back the same, and I feel spiritually changed. I went up there because I knew God had something for me. When I reflected, I saw myself in everyone. God placed in my heart ...
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Lucy - Food for the soul
In the beginning, being homeless was depressing. I was angry, ashamed, and upset for being in that predicament. I had no relationship with God. One day, I came in early from work and went to the Rec Room and walked in on a Life Sharing Community Gathering.

The gathering was on love, and it got me thinking about God’s love for me. I decided I would let these gatherings be my connection back to God ...
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Lucy, LEFSA Housing Advocate

Cameron - Feeling at home
I got involved with LEFSA though my sister, Althea, about 6 years ago. I attended the LEFSA picnic and was amazed by how many people were there—by the food, camaraderie and the whole good feeling you got. When you were in line, people talking to you made you feel at home. That was before I knew about the Leadership Study Day or Men’s Group. All the people who come ...
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Amoy Chung - Encouraging and uplifting each other
I honestly feel selfish for enjoying LEFSA the way I have. It was a very humbling experience that I will definitely cherish. At LEFSA, I feel at home. I always feel a sense of calm and serenity once the meetings start. I absolutely love how every attendee and visitor becomes a member of the ever loving and growing family known as LEFSA.

As a nursing student, especially in the accelerated program ...
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Amoy Chung

Timothy - They’ve seen their father become someone
You will know my disciples, because they show love for one another. When you come to this community, that is what you are going to get. It takes time to work on people, but it works. It worked on me. My children think LEFSA is the greatest thing on earth. They love it as much as I do, because they’ve seen their father become someone, and when someone mentions their father’s name people don’t cringe anymore ...
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