Brittany Robert

Inspirational and life changing

“Thank you to all of the members of LEFSA for welcoming us into your phenomenal community.  Each and every one of you are inspiring, and what you do is extraordinary.  In the short time we were there, we were able to learn so much, and it truly opened my eyes that I need to spend more time involved in the community.

“LEFSA is a place everyone should experience.  The feeling of sitting in those chairs during a Wednesday meeting is powerful.  There is absolutely no judgment, and for those few hours you feel as if all your troubles go away.  I looked forward to the Wednesday meetings each week knowing I would be a part of something much bigger than myself.  The meeting topics are inspirational and life changing.  Anyone can take what they’ve learned that day and apply it to their life.  I truly believe I’ve learned more from the members at LEFSA than we were able to teach.

“I cannot explain the joy I felt in my heart every time we presented our health topics.  The members were just as eager to learn from us as we were eager to teach.  I have never experienced an audience with more willingness to learn about their health.  Everyone was open to sharing their life experiences and offering advice.  Your stories showed me a different side of healthcare and the real-life struggles people face every day.  I promise to take that with me in my career and life always.

“Two moments I’ll never forget are singing ‘Victory Is Mine,’ and visiting the drop-in center with JB and Pam.  Last week, when a few members gave news of getting housing, everyone erupted in applause and sang ‘Victory Is Mine.’  The entire room filled with happiness for someone else, and I could feel it in the air.  There is nothing more profound than sincere love for another person’s success.  I even find myself singing that throughout my day.

“When we visited the drop-in center we were able to sit in a circle and talk with the community members there.  I can remember one of the gentlemen who was probably the same age as me.  He had just found a new job and shared his family struggles with us.  Even with all that he had gone through, he was asking us about school and how it felt to be in a classroom.  Every time I take an exam now or complain about class work, I think of him.  Something I would take for granted, he’s working towards.

“Another gentleman explained that he was curious as to why we were in New York, but us being there must have been his reason.  His purpose for that day was to be there and hear what JB and Pam were talking about.  I felt the same way.  The two of them have given so much to so many by just being there, and that is remarkable.  The dedication everyone at LEFSA has is incredible.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your experiences with us and welcoming us!  God loves you all, and I definitely do too!”

—Brittany Robert, nursing student, College of Mount Saint Vincent

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Timothy - They’ve seen their father become someone
You will know my disciples, because they show love for one another. When you come to this community, that is what you are going to get. It takes time to work on people, but it works. It worked on me. My children think LEFSA is the greatest thing on earth. They love it as much as I do, because they’ve seen their father become someone, and when someone mentions their father’s name people don’t cringe anymore ...
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James A - Getting life back
LEFSA gave me my life back. It didn’t just give me my life back, it gave me my family’s life back too. Because when I got better, my family got better also. And not only did my family get better, but my community got a little better.

I dedicate my life to helping others who are caught up in this vicious cycle of poverty and of drug addiction and abuse ...
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James, LEFSA Operations Manager

Donna - Drawn to the positivity
I’d been at Franklin Women’s Shelter and was feeling depressed and down. I was sitting in the corner and didn’t have a sense of direction or know which way to go. I had been working in home care, and my last client was a live-in situation, but after that client passed I couldn’t stay there and had to stay in a shelter. I didn’t know what to expect. All that I knew was...
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Johnnie - A beautiful and warm feeling
I was in a shelter at Ward Island and one week I was told about a gathering, where they give us food and talk to us. At the time, my mom had cervical cancer. She was my partner and confidant. When I met James, he touched me, because before saying hi to him I said, “my mom is dying.” The way he grabbed me, it was a beautiful and warm feeling. I started coming to groups ...
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John Wesley - Little Miracles
When asked to write about Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates (LEFSA) I came up with a title for the essay. I call it “Little Miracles.” Read on, hopefully you’ll agree.

A couple of weeks after I moved out of the shelter and into my apartment, I was confined to a wheelchair. One night while coming home, a lady smiled at me and said: “you need LEFSA.” Somehow she knew ...
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John Wesley Mitchell

Joan - Testimony to Ministry
I arrived at Lenox Hill Shelter for Women in the month of July 2008, feeling sickly and weak. Sorrow had taken the place of joy, because of my dire circumstances. At least one year and a half earlier I underwent a yearlong treatment for chemotherapy, then came the death of my beloved mother, followed by homelessness. Homeless was a word I’d never experienced ...
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Joan B.

James, LEFSA Team Member

It was 2011 when I first entered LEFSA’s Men’s Spiritual Development Group. I happened to hear some men talking about it at St. Bart’s Soup Kitchen and decided to join them the following day. I did not know what to expect, but they told me that I could get a good meal and a metro card to travel around the city. I was living on the streets ...

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James, LEFSA Team Member

Lisa - Bringing out the love
I first starting coming to LEFSA’s women’s group in 2002 when a community member recommended me to the ministry. There I was introduced to Sr. Dorothy, who instantly made me feel really loved.

During the group everybody was talking about God, so I asked who God was and whether He was a person. Sr. Dorothy told me that God is love...

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Debbie - We are always here
I met LEFSA in 2004. I’d been staying at New Providence Women’s Shelter and was on my way to sign out, and I heard gospel songs, like my mom used to sing. Sr. Dorothy walked up to me and invited me in. The gathering gave me peace. I was hooked after that—she would invite me to the Women’s Group and Leadership Study Day. I completed EOP in 2005 ...
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Debbie Canty

Althea - Reconnected Through LEFSA
I became affiliated with LEFSA in 2011 when I was living in Lenox Hill Women’s Shelter on Park Avenue.

I always believed in God and that all people are children of God. Every week I looked forward to LEFSA coming to the shelter. It was my dose of reality ...
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Althea Craig-Morelli

Grace - God had something for me
The retreat was beautiful and overwhelming. The people that I met, the staff, the team, the ladies and the men and Martindale—everyone touched my heart deeply. I was invited by Georgia and Pamela, and Sr. Mary. You know you’re not going to come back the same, and I feel spiritually changed. I went up there because I knew God had something for me. When I reflected, I saw myself in everyone. God placed in my heart ...
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Mario - Finding Faith Again
Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Mario and I’m a 54 year old Dominican raised in West Harlem. I met LEFSA while living in the Boulevard Men’s Shelter on Lexington Avenue. Let me say it’s a very dark place, where you’re living in constant fear that you might be the next victim. As for myself, I thought I was caught up in a nightmare ...
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Mario Pimentel