Georgia James

Georgia James

Outreach Coordinator & Facilitator

Georgia James

  1. How long have you been on the team and how did you meet LEFSA?

    I met LEFSA in New Providence Women’s Shelter, and I’ve been on team since 2003. Sr. Dorothy was doing outreach. She came to my room and knocked on my door, inviting me to a spiritual gathering. That day it was her and Sr. Rosemary and Vaughn facilitating. After that I went to every gathering. Three months later Sr. Dorothy asked me to facilitate. That’s how she found out that I could do it. The next year when she went on vacation, she asked me if I would do it for her for the whole month. After she came back they asked me to join the team. I’ve been to every shelter that we ever did, except Holy Rosary.

  2. Did you have any prior work or volunteer experience before LEFSA you want to mention?

    Before LEFSA I was working as a case worker with large families, people with 6 or more children. The children were my responsibility. I worked in Brooklyn, in the projects in Brownsville. My family had 11 children, two sets of twins. I went to school conferences, doctor’s appointments. I took care of that family for four years, and I’m still in touch with them. I try to keep in touch with everyone. I still keep in touch with all of the students we ever had at LEFSA.

  3. What do you do on the team?

    I facilitate gatherings: the Women’s Group and Leadership Study Day. I also try to find new readings and publication that are empowering for the groups.It’s a good feeling to see people move on and get their lives together. They move on and then come back and take part in the groups and gatherings we facilitate in the office. This is an organization that once you become affiliated with it, you stick with it.

  4. What does LEFSA mean to you/why is LEFSA special?

    LEFSA is special because it’s like family. You have your ups and downs. There is so much love here, and we help each other find resolution.

  5. Do you have a memory of LEFSA you want to share?

    When I first started on the team, I did the men’s shelters. One of my biggest memories was when the fellows allowed me to come with them to the game room and I won at pool. Then they wouldn’t allow me to come back.

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