St. Francis Panel

On July 27, 2016 LEFSA presented on the panel titled “Experience of Homelessness” at St. Francis of Assisi Church.

About 60 people from the parish attended the event. Many thanks to Franciscan Friars for hosting us!

Description of the panel: We are surrounded by homelessness in New York City and, yet, many of us have little or no direct contact with persons who are homeless. We all have questions, such as, “How does one become homeless?” and “What does the daily life of homelessness look like?” LEFSA (Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates) is a nonprofit, interdenominational empowerment organization that serves people who are homeless living in city-sponsored shelters and on the streets of New York City. Formerly homeless persons, who are active in continuing LEFSA’s mission, have been invited to spend an evening at San Damiano Hall to answer these questions. Various speakers will give testimonies of their journeys into and out of homelessness and answer the questions we all have about homelessness and its victims. In this Year of Mercy, all New Yorkers are challenged to think about the homelessness that is everywhere in our city. This evening of testimony is a good way to begin.

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