showersDuring our move last year a generous donor donated a shower for one of our bathrooms. At this time we are getting ready to start our shower ministry, we are hoping to offer 300+ showers annually. Of course, in order to provide this service we will need various supplies, towels, toiletries, socks, underwear, t-shirts, disposable slippers… Many people who come off the street need a safe place where they feel comfortable showering and refreshing for the day and where they are treated with dignity and respect. Showering and hygiene is one of the biggest challenges to being homeless, not only for those who are street homeless, but also for people who are in the shelter, as often the number of showers in a facility is limited. At LEFSA we hope we can offer not only a shower, but also a supportive community. One of the first people who started using the shower has been a long time community member, who is still homeless and struggles with many obstacles; some of them related to his mental health. As we journey with him though his ups and downs we are happy we can offer him a shower, which we see as a big step in taking care of his hygiene, and his needs over all.

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