Reflections on a Sock Drive…

Since the sock drive started in the Summer of 2017 we have been incredibly blessed with the response from people! We received so many pairs of socks it’s hard to count! The number exceeds 1000!

People have organized sock drives for us in their Churches, schools, among their friends and communities, we got an overwhelming amount of socks from individuals as well. We are grateful for all of the kindness coming from so many people and amazed how far the word about this sock drive has reached people.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far! Socks are a blessing. Everyone knows the importance of clean, dry, warm feet, especially in the wintertime. Debbie Canty, team member, reflects on the difference socks are making for people in the shelters: “When I was in a shelter, socks were a big deal, especially if you don’t have any income coming in. When I first entered a shelter I had to wait 45 days before I had a case. And I see so many people coming in with nothing.”

Many people in shelters lack basic necessities.  As soon as we receive the socks we bring them with us to distribute after our gatherings; almost everyone whom we encounter wants a pair, and whatever we bring, we give it all out by the end of the day.

James Butler, a team member, talks about his experience of distributing socks during street ministry and really seeing how much people appreciated the socks. Everyone is grateful for the food that we bring out, but everyone is also concerned about personal hygiene as well, it plays an important role in everyone lives, especially when you are out on a street. Socks are a gift of all gifts. James says that those who did not want socks for themselves would take them to distribute to others who they knew are in need. “It gives me joy to see people’s expressions when they realize we have sandwiches and also socks to give out. I witnessed someone who took the new socks we had given him and changed them right in front of me. I say thank you to everyone who is sending the socks and money for them, they are so important!”

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