Photos from our Fishing Trip

On June 24, 2019, over 75 people attended our 4th annual LEFSA fishing trip. Thank you to our friend Barry for sponsoring the event! We began the day with a light breakfast and departed Harlem at 8:45 am. We boarded the boat out of Captree State Park, and from 11 am to 5 pm we were out on the water, fishing and enjoying the weather. There was also plenty of food to go around, sandwiches, salads, and fruit.

Many of the participants attended for the first time. We were happy to be able to invite many people who still live in city shelters. At a time when many people can feel discouraged, LEFSA tries to bring hope to those who are still without homes through a supportive community. A day on a boat, surrounded by positivity and laughter can make all of us forget about any troubles and worries of the day. One of the participants remarked, “the water helped me to release the stress”.

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