I first starting coming to LEFSA’s women’s group in 2002 when a community member recommended me to the ministry. There I was introduced to Sr. Dorothy, who instantly made me feel really loved.

During the group everybody was talking about God, so I asked who God was and whether He was a person, but Sr. Dorothy told me that God is love.

I started coming to the group on regular basis, and soon I also joined the community during Leadership Study Days. At that time I just moved into a new apartment after being homeless for 3 years.

I didn’t have any friends, or support and felt disoriented, but through LEFSA I made good friends with other community members. I really blossomed during that time; LEFSA helped to bring out the love and all the other feelings I had in me.

Then Sr. Dorothy recommended me to the EOP Program (Educational Outreach Program), where during the 12 week class I achieved some of my goals.

I continued to learned more about spirituality and stayed connected to LEFSA through the Women’s Group. My relationship with God has been reaffirmed, and since 2006 I have been going to a formal Church.

I also got to go on my first retreat, where I experienced God through nature. It really transformed me. I saw how God speaks through people, nature, music, and through many other experiences.

I look forward to coming every month to LEFSA gatherings, I met so many friends, and continue to experience love whenever I got there.

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