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LEFSA-Providing Hope & Empowerment for Thirty Years

James Addison, LEFSA Operations Manager, receives Service Award

Daughters of LEFSA: A New LEFSA Ministry

LEFSA Ministering with Homeless an overview of our ministry and mission, including personal testimonies

LEFSA Proves a Lifesaver the story of how one of our participants overcame homelessness and made a better life for herself and her daughter

LEFSA Hosts Super Bowl Sunday How our Operations Manager James and his family threw a party for people who wouldn’t have had a chance to watch the game otherwise

LEFSA Serving Community for 25 Years This article details the history, growth, and success of LEFSA made possible through the generosity of our supporters

LEFSA Hosts Annual Picnic at Central Park a day of fun, food, and joyful thanksgiving for almost 200 participants

From Addiction to Helping to Save Lives,” from The New York Times: LEFSA Operations Manager James’ inspiring transformation

LEFSA Serving Community for 25 Years the inspiring story of the founding of LEFSA and our work over the last 25 years.

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