It was 2011 when I first entered LEFSA’s Men’s Spiritual Development Group. I happened to hear some men talking about it at St. Bart’s Soup Kitchen and decided to join them the following day. I did not know what to expect, but they told me that I could get a good meal and a metro card to travel around the city. I was living on the streets of midtown Manhattan and was mentally and spiritually wounded.

The next day, I went to the Leadership Study Day meeting and was not sure what to make of this group of people. After a few more meetings and as the months moved by, I discovered a very unique group of individuals who opened their arms to everyone who were willing to just stay around and be nourished with unconditional love.

LEFSA helped me to feel alive again and gave me hope.

I used this opportunity to let the team as well as the LEFSA community help me to achieve goals in life, set up a positive support system such as the team enrichment group, Men’s retreat, Leadership Study Day, Catholic Charities EOP (Educational Outreach Program), spiritual insight and all the unconditional love that I could handle in a group setting.

Today as team members, I am finally doing something that makes sense in my life for the community. It is a feeling that I cannot describe or explain. This is the good stuff that I always needed in my life and you can have the same opportunity to experience it also. See you soon!!!!

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