James Butler Attends Urban Justice Center Safety Net Project Meeting

On June 19, 2017 James Butler attended Urban Justice Center Safety Net Project meeting. LEFSA has been attending these meeting for about a year and many members of LEFSA community members are involved with Safety Net Project as well. They advocate for change to how HRA (Human Resource Administration) and DHS (Department of Homeless Services) are addressing the needs of people of New York City. They have been advocating for change for how the services are being provided including: education about special grants for public assistance recipients, service time for the appointments, accessibility for those who have disabilities, clean and sanitary facilities, response rate to inquires.

Safety Net Project has been on the front line for change and works closely with individuals from those agencies to provide these changes for our community. Most people who come to HRA/DHS don’t know many of the benefits that are being provided, such as back rent payment, moving expenses, utility payments, storage, apartments search carfare. Safety Net is currently working on a survey that will evaluate the services provided by HRA, which anyone can participate in.  Safety net also has community legal clinic which can help individuals with public assistance problems, SNAP/Food Stamp Problem, Fair Hearings and Appeals and Public Assistance and SNAP Freud.

To find out more about Safety Net Project go to: https://snp.urbanjustice.org/

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