Donations – July 2018

Your donations make a difference!

You never know how a simple gesture can positively impact someone!

During the first week of July, LEFSA received a donation of a few bags of men’s shirt and shoes.

All of the shirts that came in were brand-new but in large sizes. As we unpacked the bags, team member Mario Pimentel immediately thought about a man who attends one of the groups in the shelter, who was in need of some clothing in that size. All of the shirts were in great condition, and after a Thursday group, the two of them came to the office to look at the donation. The shirts fit perfectly! From then on you could see a positive change in this person.

Two weeks later we also received a big package of little bars of Neutrogena soaps.

Clothing, socks, and toiletries are important. They can really impact someone’s feelings of dignity and self-esteem in a situation where everything is scary and overwhelming. A pair of socks and a few bars of soap go a long way to make someone’s day.

LEFSA is still conducting toiletry and sock drives.
Learn more about sock drive!
Learn more about our toiletry supply drive!

In the photos:
Team Members James Butler and Mario Pimentel pose with a donation of clothing for the shower, community members sort some of the sock donations we received, and on the last picture, we captured the donation of soaps that are being distributed to people who live in city shelters.

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