Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates: Serving the Community for over 30 Years

A ministry that began with the compassion of two women has grown to touch the lives of thousands.

 In 1985-1986, LEFSA co-founders Sr. Dorothy Gallant, SC and Sr. Teresa Skehan, RSM experienced the conditions of a large city shelter. They knew there must be another way to help people experience their dignity and worth.

As Sr. Dorothy said, “The shelters offer food, some clothing, and a bed. People also need to heal themselves on the inside.” Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates was created to respond to this need.

Over the years, LEFSA and its ministries have grown, building a community—and a family—of homeless and formerly homeless individuals. LEFSA serves through faith-based gatherings, weekly street ministry, resources and referrals, and much more. These ministries are interdenominational and offer a safe haven for all who participate.

The empowerment, growth, hope, faith, and love that characterize LEFSA are made possible through the grace of God, the work of many dedicated people, and the prayers and support of our friends. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has joined us on this journey.

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Remembering Our Founders

LEFSA First Day_ Founders

“My favorite memory with LEFSA is remembering the words of Sister Dorothy and the love of Christ she showed me and others. She made everyone feel like they have value in their life.”
– Jo Anna

“In so many ways I can reflect on the past and see Sr. Dorothy and Sr. Teresa! May they rest in peace.”
– John

This photo shows Sisters Dorothy Gallant, SC and Teresa Skehan, RSM on their way to the shelter where the very first Life and Faith Sharing Gatherings were initiated. They went equipped with a lot of love, faith, coffee, and Bibles.

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